If you are here, is either because you are a friend or a weary traveler in the internet. Welcome if either is the case. Take your time and get as comfortable as if it were your home. Here you will find my writing and other artistic representations of me, I hope you enjoy them. Stay as long as you wish and visit as often as you like.

Here you will find a compilation of my works as an aspiring artist. My desire is to have a place where I can show my work and have others see it. You will see three main categories:

Short Stories:

  • These are “lengthy” works in which I have worked some time, these are elaborate and attempt to convey a “full” story. I use the words lengthy and full loosely as they areĀ short, yet that is my preferred writing style.


  • My thoughts are significantly shorter expressions that take many shapes and sizes. Mostly concise they can be poems, short-short stories (one-two paragraphs), or some delusion of philosophy.


  • So far a work in progress, here I will post all my flute playing. I am both interested in classical music, and some less classical.

I have plans of making the page grow, but that takes time that I have rarely. So I will stick to the basics. I hope you enjoy and stick around, I may have some surprises in the future!


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